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A one piece, 5-spoke design which is bound to become a market leader forits style and its technological elements The aggressive looking wheel has 5 concave spokes and is finished in a crystal silver.

Available in: 15" 17" 18" and 19"

Crono Evolution
The Crono Evolution is synthesis of two aspects, the racing of competition wheels is seen in the WRC Championship and the elegant style of the OEM magnesium wheels produced for prestigious vehicles.

Available in 15" 16" 17" and 18"

F1 Cup
This exclusive 6 spoke design created as a result of the cooperation between OZ and the top F1 teams is now developed for road use.

Available in 15" 16" and 17"

The image value of the Superturismo is so important that many cars manufactures require this wheel to equip the most prestigious cars or sports limited editions.  Combining weight saving with total reliability the Superturismo is used on rally touring and sports cars all over the world.

Available in 15" 16" 17" and 18"

The superleggera is unique in the fact inside 7 by 15 it weighs less then five kilos, significantly reducing the unsprung weight of your vehicle, increasing excelleration and improving handling. created from the technology and design developed for the front wheel of the Williams 99 F1 car, the aluminum Superleggera is even lighter than many magnesium wheels.

Available in 15" 16" 17" 18" and 19"

The winning element of the Vella wheel is it's extended 5 spoke design. A well proportioned wheel for sporty cars like Porsche, it has also proved to perfectly match many other top class vehicles, thus creating a style trend.

Available in 15" 16" 17" and 18"

Vella II
A split rim version of the vella wheel with the same extended 5 spoke design.  A well proportioned wheel developed for sporty cars like Porshe, it has also proved to perfectly match any other top class vehicles.  fastened with titanium screws and finished with a high polish rim.

17" 18" 20" and 22"

A five spoke design for a more aggressive sporty look, diamond cut polished rim with 2 coats of clear lacquer for maximum durability.

Available in 15" 16" 17" and 18"

This classic 5 spoke design offers strength and integrated flair you would expect from a classic OZ Wheel.

Available in 16" 17" and 18"

Opera II
The harmony of this 5 hole wheel combine the use of titanium screws, offers a synthesis of style and high technology, perfectly in line with the OZ Racing marque.

Available in 18" 19" and 20"

A long standing classic 5 spoke design whell which suits all type of vehicles. This wheel incoerprerates all of OZ Racing's experience and technology that comes together to create this dynamic but suttle style.

Available in 14" 15" 16" and 17"